011R “Restaurant” Japan VAT Reduced Tax Rate Q&A / 「レストラン」 消費税軽減税率Q&A [Review]


Do you think the reduced tax rate will be applied to ingredients that restaurants purchase?

“Kuma teacher’s TAXdeEnglish” is the bilingual program to learn English and Japanese with the theme of consumption tax in Japan (similar to VAT) with Kuma teacher!

The regular sessions consist of (1) the original texts of the National Tax Agency, (2) easy-to-understand Japanese, (3) English translation, (4) both Japanese and English, and (5) pick-up words and phrases.

The review sessions consist of (1) English translation, (2) easy-to-understand Japanese, and (3) pick-up words and phrases.

The contents of the review sessions are a partial omission of the contents of the regular sessions.

About “Japan VAT Reduced Rate Q&A”, it is planned that the regular sessions will be delivered every Monday, and the review sessions will be delivered every Friday!

The slides used in the programs (without voice) are available in Amazon.co.jp!

「消費税の軽減税率制度に関するQ&A 通常回 (Japan VAT Reduced Rate Q&A Regular Session) 001-025」URL: https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B099K595BF

「消費税の軽減税率制度に関するQ&A 復習回 (Japan VAT Reduced Rate Q&A Review Session) 001-025」URL: https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B099KG8TQD

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The original texts of the National Tax Agency are quoted from “the Q&A on the reduced consumption tax rate system (individual case)” revised in September 2020. Please note that this Q&A may be revised due to amendments to the laws and regulations in the future.

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